Accounting and Audit (The program "The analytical support of enterprise business processes")

Accounting and Audit (The program "The analytical support of enterprise business processes")

The main focus on forming students’ system economic knowledge for effective management and solving a range of complex problems of enterprise activity and development is the competitive advantage of the master's program.

The competencies that students will get after the completion of the learning process:

  1. Project - justification of decision-making on the need of analytical services, development of fundamental guidelines of realization and structure of assessment and analysis system, its role in enterprise management system.
  2. Organizational - justification of the sequence, duration and time constraints for fulfillment of analytical project of enterprise business processes, planning of works, scheduling and interaction of analytical service, the head and sub departments.
  3. Managerial - selection of an objective and specification of the process of goal objective meeting, search and analysis of capabilities for goal objective meeting; coherence of objectives and tasks, analysis and coherence of interests in order to achieve the goal, control over implementation of business processes, adjustment of goals in business processes.
  4. Executive - search and evaluation of possibilities for data collection, designation of evaluation objects during, assessment of the quality of primary and secondary information, methods and techniques of analysis and evaluation, interpretation of results.
  5. Technical - procedure of necessary data gathering; structure of data, methods and techniques for data collection and processing.

The sphere of realization of the acquired competencies and skills in the future profession. Master (graduate from the 5th course) can hold positions (according to the classifier of professions DK 003:2010):

  • in the sphere of economics (economist, economist of accounting and business analysis; economist of planning; economist of finance; economic adviser; consultant on economic issues; expert on economic issues, board member, member of Supervisory Board);
  • on the issues of enterprise security, institutions and organizations (research assistant of enterprise security; expert in the sphere of financial and economic security);
  • in the sphere of exchange activity (expert in asset management; research assistant of exchange transactions);
  • in auditing and accounting (research assistant of the audit, accounting);
  • qualified accountant and auditor (auditor; accountant; accountant, inspector expert accountant; consultant on taxes and levies) ;
  • in the sphere of information and information analysis (research assistant of information analytics, analyst on consolidated data);
  • in the sphere of civil service, marketing, effectiveness of the enterprise, financial activity and intellectual property (research assistant of marketing, effectiveness of the enterprise, financial activity, streamlining the manufacturing process, intellectual property; senior bank official, expert on foreign economic issues; consultant on enterprise effectiveness, marketing, foreign affairs; analyst on commodity market research, methods of commodity market expansion (expert in marketing);
  • tax inspector (auditor-inspector; control of prices; state tax inspector);
  • manager of research and development, of sustainable development issues, law, accounting, market research, studying of public opinion, a consultant on business and management, foreign economic activity, sales;
  • head of Financial, Accounting, Economic, Legal and Administrative Department, chief of : Planning Department, Administration, Finance Department, centralized accounting, director of economic affairs, finance director, manager (director, head, etc.) of department, head of department (functional department), head of Audit Department, head of Laboratory of Economic Research, head of Planning and Economic Bureau);
  • manager of financing activity, other economic activities, real estate transactions;
  • credit manager;
  • lecturer in universities (lecturer of higher educational institutions, trainee, postgraduate, assistant).