History of the Department

The Department of Economic Analysis was founded in 1982.

Stanislav Andreevich Kulish was the founder of the Department. S.Kulish was Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the USSR, member of the Academy of Sciences and Higher Education of Ukraine. He was Decoration holder of the Great Patriotic War II degree and awarded several medals and the Certificate of appreciation of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. S.Kulish was known as  a highly educated and talented scientist, famous author of numerous scientific papers, textbooks, monographs, certificates of authorship on the major economic issues: planning, economic and mathematical modeling management of production, material and technical enterprises logistics; the economy of mining industry. S.Kulish was the founder of scientific school, more than 80 theses have been successfully taken under his scientific supervision.

Graduates of the department are Honored economists of Ukraine, heads of the enterprises, leading experts in the economic field, education workers. During its existence the Department of Economic Analysis has prepared 5 Doctors of sciences and 100 Candidates of science in economics.

Today the department is headed by Honored Economist of Ukraine, Doctor of economics, Professor Otenko Irina Pavlovna.

All faculty members are academic degree holders.

The department trains bachelors in specialties "International Economic Relations", "International relations, public communication and regional studios", "Management, specialization" Financial and economic security "and Masters in" Management, specialization "Financial and economic security."

In-depth overarching research of the functioning processes and the development of Kharkiv region industrial enterprises is conducted on the basis of the Department. The results of numerous researches have been published in academic periodicals and actively realized in the educational process.