International program of two diplomas Ukraine-Italy


Partner: University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) 

International programme of double diplomas

The new international programme with Italian university UNICAS is to open

·      Only for 1,4 year (3 semesters) of master degree programme participating students will receive two diplomas (Ukrainian and Italian) in specialties of  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (S. Kuznets KhNUE) and GLOBAL CONOMY AND BUSINESS (UNICAS, Italy)

·      All studying is in English 

·      For being enrolled applicants have to pass enter master degree examinations at S. Kuznets KhNUE and interview with representatives of  UNICAS (Italy)

·      Tuition fees are standard yearly fees at S. Kuznets KhNUE and 920 euro at UNICAS

Entering documents

1.    Education document with annexes (original + copy)

2.  Examination document about the General Enter Examination in the foreign language (original + copy) and exam results

3.  Passport (original ID + copy)

4.  Copy of the individual tax numberКопия индивидуального налогового номера

5.  4 photos 3х4

6.  Copy of For men the registration document (copy of military ID)

7.  Copy of document on arrangement (disarrangement) of marriage  for those applicants whose name in the education document dose not correspond with the one in passport

8.  Folder with strings + 2 files

9.  CV (Europass)

10.  International Certificate B2 (if present)


For details:

Andrii Oleksandrovych Pastushenko

+38 093 66 79 258

International Business and Economic Analysis Department



Published 13.07.2020